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Melloy Los Lunas is Overstocked

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Melloy Los Lunas is Overstocked with Used Cars

Trucks Like this Chevrolet Colorado
SUV's Like this Jeep Cherokee
Cars Like this Toyota Camry

Our Year End Sales Event has left us with too many Used Cars. These clean local trade ins have been safety certified by our service department and need to move in January. If you are looking for a quality used car this is your chance to take advantage of our Used Car Overstocked event. No matter what you are looking for, truck, car, SUV, we need to be the first place you shop in January. Click the link to see our listed inventory, or give any of our stores a call and let us know what kind of used car you are looking to find. We have three dealership's worth of used car inventory so three times the selection of a normal dealership. Don't wait, click the link to view our inventory and find the used car you want!

January is the month to Accessorize your vehicle. We are kicking off 2021 with an huge special on installed accessories. Choose your store and click to see the Accessory and Service coupons available to you this month.

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